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  sadaszewski 94cd0e6f9e Merge pull request 'master' (#3) from sadaszewski1/wba:master into master 4年前
  Stanislaw Adaszewski c96cb55f5a Screenshots back in Markdown. 4年前
  Stanislaw Adaszewski 213e6c7691 Add screenshots. 4年前
  sadaszewski da25edeaae Merge pull request 'master' (#2) from sadaszewski1/wba:master into master 4年前
  Stanislaw Adaszewski 5cfdc38491 Missing 'the'. 4年前
  Stanislaw Adaszewski 50fecc448b Add LICENSE and README.md. 4年前
  sadaszewski f98744314b Merge pull request 'master' (#1) from sadaszewski1/wba:master into master 4年前
  Stanislaw Adaszewski df6f40b92d Email fix. 4年前
  Stanislaw Adaszewski 8c455da24e Add copyright notes. 4年前
  Stanislaw Adaszewski 172287996f Copyright fix for public release. 4年前
  Stanislaw Adaszewski 7cc62e9d40 Merge branch 'master' of https://code.adared.ch/sadaszewski1/wba 4年前
  Stanislaw Adaszewski 05256089fc Add package-lock.json for frontend. 4年前
  Stanislaw Adaszewski d02bc5cf76 Initial commit. 4年前
  Stanislaw Adaszewski 80429683e9 Fix in parseKeepRef. 4年前
  Stanislaw Adaszewski 877ef7fde3 Added a workaround to WBAccordion so that it doesn't fold so easily. To be seen if this is fine in practice. 4年前
  Stanislaw Adaszewski d4f9067b27 Avoid accordion folding in WBJsonEditor but not when properties updated. 4年前
  Stanislaw Adaszewski 040f9063ae Added a What's New link in the navbar. 4年前
  Stanislaw Adaszewski 95f0d9ba81 Error box spacing in WBJsonEditor. 4年前
  Stanislaw Adaszewski eb6d797455 Added properties editor to WBProjectFields. 4年前
  Stanislaw Adaszewski 1afd3a1f15 Added properties editor to WBContainerRequestFields. 4年前
  Stanislaw Adaszewski c63bd07c37 Started implementing properties editors - WBCollectionFields for starters. 4年前
  Stanislaw Adaszewski fea18bb088 Resolved the problem with paths in default values for workflow parameters. 4年前
  Stanislaw Adaszewski bef304ae6c Don't break lines in baseCommand json viewer 4年前
  Stanislaw Adaszewski c6e6a6ecd0 Add project properties view. 4年前
  Stanislaw Adaszewski 86f221579c Minor lifecycle fix in WBJsonViewer. 4年前
  Stanislaw Adaszewski a0edc66dfb Added lookups to WBJsonViewer. 4年前
  Stanislaw Adaszewski 872b2e0ee0 Wrap fix in .wb-json-viewer 4年前
  Stanislaw Adaszewski 06639bb5aa Replaced <pre>s with WBJsonViewer in WBCollectionFields, WBContainerFields and WBWorkflowFields. 4年前
  Stanislaw Adaszewski d275025a8d Replaced <pre>s with WBJsonViewer in WBContainerRequestFields. 4年前
  Stanislaw Adaszewski 416fc08245 Added WBJsonViewer. 4年前
  Stanislaw Adaszewski a6bb8bc6ca Fixed a CSS typo in WBLiveLogs. 4年前
  Stanislaw Adaszewski b9df02edf2 Added more log entries per page switch to WBLiveLogs. 4年前
  Stanislaw Adaszewski 47eadecf2c Added scrollback to top on page change in WBLiveLogs. 4年前
  Stanislaw Adaszewski fe4eaba244 Refresh button in WBLiveLogs not necessary with pagination. 4年前
  Stanislaw Adaszewski 438dc4bb18 Improved WBPagination, three dots now move to the middle of neighboring pages. 4年前
  Stanislaw Adaszewski ace10afce7 Added pagination to WBLiveLogs. 4年前
  Stanislaw Adaszewski a5a829959d Added WBLiveLogs to container view. 4年前
  Stanislaw Adaszewski c1250d77cc Extended the no default tab effect to All Projects view. 4年前
  Stanislaw Adaszewski aade2d9b16 Make no tab open by default in the listing of home directory, since this is the one that usually contains a mess. 4年前
  Stanislaw Adaszewski 2c95865e2e Automatic subproject creation for processes seems to work. 4年前
  Stanislaw Adaszewski 9979cb0b6f Started implementing running processes in automatically created sub-projects, needs testing. 4年前
  Stanislaw Adaszewski f6ffec6bb1 Further modularization of wb-launch-workflow-page, looks much more manageable now. 4年前
  Stanislaw Adaszewski 89fe88a41b Breaking out some pieces from wb-launch-workflow-page. 4年前
  Stanislaw Adaszewski daacdc3bc1 Reorganized files slightly. 4年前
  Stanislaw Adaszewski eebcec1f50 Added a tmux script. 4年前
  Stanislaw Adaszewski 8e4f93cae2 Fix modal dialog on history back press. 4年前
  Stanislaw Adaszewski 5677512efa Add collection type filtering: log, output, etc. 4年前
  Stanislaw Adaszewski fa8375fc98 Fix WBAccordion's state getting confused when navigating between pages. 4年前
  Stanislaw Adaszewski 041d3bb15a Started working on fixing WBAccordion 4年前
  Stanislaw Adaszewski 6a5e0c498b A bit of debugging in WBAccordion. 4年前